Antimatter – Conspire y Fighting For A Lost Cause

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Dos temas hermosos de Antimatter del disco Leaving Eden Conspire y Fighting For A Lost Cause


While I lie here burning, you’re encased in ice
With tainted eyes upon your tainted soul
It’s no wonder I’m so cold
A terrible thing I’m learning as tears are turned to ice
These four walls will be my dreaded foes
As I rot here in this hole

Do you conspire to hold me down?
Do you conspire to hold?
Do you conspire to hold me down?
Have I wasted a dream?

Restless seas will murder me tonight
As you appease effortlessly the open mouths of hungry thieves
There’ll be no silent empathy inside
No colour or shades of hope″

Fighting For A Lost Cause

And there it is, as pure as snow
I couldn’t see it for my head was too low
And prying eyes, they stoop too low
Poisoning my soul, as sanity waits in the gallows
Defeated I, fighting for a lost cause
Depleted I, dying for the wrong cause
These are the hours on the range
The more you show them
The more they choose to take away
Some things never change in the wings
And as it’s your war,
There’ll be no escape at all″

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Richard Bona

noviembre 28, 2007 at 4:26 pm (Música) (, , , , )

Richard Bona

Richard Bona es un músico africano, sencillamente genial, gracias a un amigo que me mostró videos en Youtube, conocí a este genial bajista, además de ser un cantante virtuoso.
Bona nació en 1967 en Minta, Camerún, estudio música en Paris, hasta que se fue a Nueva York a tocar con músicos de ato nivel y tan variados como Paul Simon, Chucho Valdés, Harry Connick Jr. y Eddie Palmieri, Pat Metheny, Bobby Mcferrin, entre otros.

Bona grabo 4 discos.

1999: Scenes from my life
2001: Reverence
2003: Munia : the tale
2005: Tiki

Richard Bona en Argentina

El viernes 30 de noviembre a las 22 horas se presenta en Argentina en el Teatro Coliseo

Mas información


Algunos videos

Bobby Mcferrin improvisation with Richard Bona

Richard Bona w/ Bobby Mcferrin – Dina Lam

Richard Bona – Bass Solo

Sitio Oficial de Richard Bona

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